Cookies policy

This cookie policy applies to “cookies” and refers to the website

Our website uses the “cookies” mechanism for its proper operation, the so-called. session cookies. Cookies are small files saved on the user’s end device, used to identify the user’s browser when using our website. The content of “cookies” does not allow the identification of users, personal data is not processed and stored with their help.

The user may at any time disable the acceptance of “cookies” in his browser, however, the effect of such a change may be difficulties related to the operation of services provided through our website.

All web browsers available on the market have the ability to manage “cookies”, if the user decides to disable “cookies”, he should first familiarize himself with the method of managing “cookies” placed in the help of the browser he uses. The user can configure the browser he uses in such a way that it rejects all “cookies”, does not delete “cookies”, or sends notifications when such files are sent from the server. After completing the visit to the website, the user may delete temporary files placed on the end device during a given session.

Due to the variety of devices and applications available on the market for operating websites, managing “cookies” in different browsers looks different, therefore, in order to block the acceptance of “cookies”, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the method of managing privacy / security functions placed in the menu used by browser user.


Cookies on the website.

  • catAccCookies acceptance duration 1 month
  • __utmz records whether the user comes from a search engine (and if so, the keyword used to search for the page), a link, or the address of a previous page (e.g. bookmarks). Google Analytics duration 6 months
  • __utma stores the number of visits (for each user), the time of the first visit, previous visit and current visit. Google Analytics duration 24 months
  • __utmb i __utmc they are used to record the time spent on the site and how quickly the user leaves individual subpages. Google Analytics session duration

Cookies may appear periodically

  • __utmv – Used to implement custom variables in Google Analytics session duration
  • __utmk – Google Analytics Session Verification Session duration
  • __utmx – It is used by the website optimizer. Google Analytics optimizer run time

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