History of the company

The Wilcaccora Phytotherapie Centre was established in 1994. Its founder is Marta Skolmowska – a pharmacist and herbal medicine enthusiast. The company is based in the centre of Lomianki, a small town near Warsaw, Poland, and is located on the edge of the Kampinos Forest.

The main objective of the Centre is to support the treatment of diseases of civilisation with the help of herbs and mushrooms (e.g. vilcacora, maca, reishi, shiitake), which we import for our clients from the purest corners of countries such as Peru or China.

Our customer-oriented team consists of doctors, pharmacists and scientists. Since 2001, we have been working closely with the Faculty of Biology at Warsaw University, where the purity and quality of the products supplied to our customers are monitored. Ongoing research is carried out on the Peruvian plants and oriental mushrooms that we import, proving their effectiveness beyond doubt.

Our centre strives to continue the work of the Polish missionary Father Edmund Szeliga, who was in Peru between 1930 and 2005 and learned the herbal healing methods passed down from generation to generation by the Indian curanderos. Thanks to the experience he gained among the Amazonian tribes, he made great strides in the development of herbal medicine worldwide. He sent samples from the Amazon rainforest to scientists who, by studying the phytochemical composition of plants such as Uncaria tomentosa (the vilcacora), Tahuari, Jergon Sacha and others, discovered their biological activity and their usefulness in the treatment of many diseases.

We too, having learned over the years from Father Edmund Szeliga’s closest collaborators and from the doctors of the Institute of Herbal Medicine he founded, have acquired experience that we now put at the service of our customers on a daily basis.

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