Our consultants

Marta_Skolmowska-mMarta Skolmowska

  • Pharmacist,
  • Herbal medicine enthusiast,
  • Consultant IPIFA Institute Father Edmund Szeliga in Peru
  • Counseling – consultations with Amazonian herbs – diseases of civilization






dr n. med. Norbert Szaluś

  • He graduated from the Military Medical Academy in Łódź in 2000. In 2006, he defended his doctorate in oncology and nuclear medicine under the title “Lung scintigraphy with 99mTc-depreotide and computed tomography image superimposition in the diagnosis of a single lung tumor”.
        • Specialist in nuclear medicine since 2007, currently undergoing specialization in clinical oncology. His main professional interests include targeted receptor diagnostics and therapy of oncological diseases with derivatives of radioisotope-labelled peptides, as well as the use of PET-CT technique in the diagnosis of oncological diseases.

For several years, he has been studying issues related to the immunological effect of preparations of natural compounds in chronic diseases, as well as scientifically and practically dealing with the prevention and therapy of civilization diseases with the use of plant compounds, e.g. polyphenols. Participant of many European, world and national congresses on oncology issues. Author of about 100 scientific publications in foreign and domestic journals in the field of diagnosis and therapy of oncological diseases.


Janusz Dzik – Natural medicine consultant

  • Enthusiast of herbal medicine and a healthy diet.

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